Elstree Film School training courses

Industry Introduction Courses

Viral Video Training CoursesViral Video Training Course (1 day)

Video marketing on video platforms such as YouTube is all the rage. But how do viral videos actually work, and how can they be produced and marketed effectively and with some guarantee of success? This unique one day Viral Video training course guides you through the most important aspects of producing and marketing your very own viral videos.

Film Training Courses - Industry IntroductionThe Film and TV Industry – An Introduction (1 Day)

If you’ve ever thought about a career in film or television, then this course is for you! During the course we examine all areas of the film business: from development through to cinema distribution. We will explore opportunities in education, training and employment as well as identifying your key potential employers. You will gain a knowledge not only of production but also of post-production, marketing, distribution and many other potential fields of opportunity.

Digital Video Camera Courses

Film Making Training Course - FundamentalsFilm Making Fundamentals (1 day)

If you wish to get to grips with the latest digital video equipment then this course will provide you with all the information you need to get up to speed, gaining a solid foundation of practical knowledge. We will present an overview of the equipment currently available and show you the best ways of setting up your camera to get the shot you want – the way you want it to look.

Photography Training Courses - Introduction CourseThe Art of Photography (1 day)

Under the guidance of our professional photographer you will learn many of the photographic fundamentals including: determining exposure, controlling the colour cast, focal length, lens aperture and how best to frame your image in a variety of situations. At the conclusion of the course you will find yourself well on the way to creating superb photographs, quickly and confidently.

Video Editing Courses

Final Cut Pro X Training Courses - Introduction CourseAn Introduction to Final Cut Pro X (1 day)

This one day course presents a comprehensive overview of the software, helping you to get to grips with the functionality of FCPX quickly. From familiarising yourself with the new timeline and editing controls, setting up the correct preferences and mastering the media library, our one day course provides excellent value for money to ensure that you are well on the way to mastering Apple’s most popular video editing tool.

Final Cut Pro X Training Courses - Essential CourseEssential Final Cut Pro X Techniques (2 days)

Combining our one day Introduction to Final Cut Pro X course with a second day of deeper exploration, our two day Final Cut Pro X essentials course is designed to assist those both entirely new to the software, as well as users familiar with previous versions, to make the leap into editing video footage like the professionals do. Colour correction, transitions, titles, trimming, markers and exporting are all covered in detail, as well as how best to prepare and modify clips in the timeline using a variety of the new tools on offer.

Final Cut Pro 7 Training Courses - Introduction CourseAn Introduction to Final Cut Pro 7 (1 day)

This exciting and intensive 1 day course takes you straight into the heart of Final Cut Pro 7, quickly teaching you how to best navigate this powerful software within your production workflow. From importing, marking, logging and editing your clips, to adding transitions, effects, audio clips and soundtracks, this course has been carefully designed to ensure that you gain a firm and thorough understanding of the fundamentals (and many useful ‘industry shortcuts’) so that you may utilize the software quickly and effectively.

Final Cut Pro 7 Training Courses - Essential CourseEssential Final Cut Pro 7 Techniques (2 days)

Following on from our 1 day Final Cut Pro Introduction training course, this second day ventures deeper into the editing and trimming process, teaching you how best to refine your editing techniques in order to produce smoother and more professional results. In addition, the processes of applying mattes, split screens and color corrections are covered in detail, as well as further audio manipulation techniques.

Final Cut Pro 7 Training Courses - Complete CourseThe Complete Final Cut Pro 7 Training Course (3 days)

3 days of intensive learning on this superb package will give you a complete understanding of the power of this software, and how you can get the very best out of it for your film, TV and web related projects. Following on from our Final Cut Pro introduction and Final Cut Pro essential courses, our third and final day of Final Cut Pro training further explores the editing process, examining subclips and markers and taking you further into the realm of professional production techniques.

Adobe Premiere Pro Training Courses - Introduction CourseEssential Adobe Premiere Pro Techniques (1 day)

Discover the quickest and most refined techniques for achieving what you want from this powerful and sophisticated software package. Our 1 day Premiere Pro Essentials course teaches you how to use Premieres powerful toolset to bring flexibility, functionality and control to your video studio. Learn how to edit clips and sequences, add/manipulate effects and transitions, work with audio tracks, and export your results to a variety of formats.

Adobe After Effects Training Courses - Introduction CourseThe Magic of Adobe After Effects (1 day)

Adobe After Effects is a unique software that allows you to create sophisticated special effects for film and TV productions. Learn how to master this innovative package in our intensive 1 day course. This one day introduction is designed to allow those new to video post production techniques to get the most from this immensely powerful software.

Green Screen Courses

Green Screen Training CoursesAn Introduction to Chromakey Green Screen Techniques (1 day)

Our Green Screen training course offers a detailed overview of the green screen filming process: from the equipment required to setup your own greenscreen studio, through the techniques involved in lighting your greenscreen and your subject separately, to which software programs and plugins are available for you to ‘key’ your greenscreen footage with a view to achieving the best result.

Scriptwriting Courses

TV & Film Scriptwriting Training CoursesFilm and TV Scriptwriting – An Introduction (2 days)

If you’ve ever wanted to write screenplays that sizzle but don’t know where to start, this course shows you the way. We will provide the springboard you need to put your ideas into reality, creating film and TV scripts that will really work on screen. This course shows you how to create compelling, believable characters that leap off the page, effective, engaging story structures and believable dialogue.

Comedy Scriptwriting Training CoursesComedy Scriptwriting Course (1 day)

This course provides everything the comedy writer needs to get started including an analysis of the contemporary comedy market, and the tools required to write sketches, create a sitcom, write a ‘dramady’ (comedy-drama), or a big screen film comedy. We’ll look at where humour comes from, how to write and hone gags, where to find material, how to create compelling comedic characters, how to create comedy storylines, and how to write comic dialogue.